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If you plan on running an application to interact with the Stellar network it is critical that you run your own infrastructure to handle requests. While it is possible to use the public SDF servers in production, this is not recommended by SDF for many good reasons.

Getting started in understanding and building out your Stellar infrastructure can take valuable time, let us quickly and efficiently launch your infrastructure leaving you free to work on the things important to you.

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What is Stellar?

Good question, here is what has to say:

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

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Our team has acquired a wealth of experience over the years in a variety of fields. Over time we have also developed strong relationships with multiple partners around the world, further expanding our toolset and capabilities. Put our skill-set to good use and let us help you launch Stellar today!


We care about the strength and growth of the Stellar network and ecosystem. By setting up your own Stellar infrastructure you are helping to reinforce the decentralized nature of the Stellar network. We can help you determine your needs and show you how the community can benefit from your setup. Think of your infrastructure as an investment in not only your application, but also in the Stellar network as a whole.

Our launches so far


Bring the Information Superhighway to all Mankind.

Built on the Stellar Ecosystem, Astral9 is the first fully de-centralized All-in-one wireless satellite based internet portal that can be deployed nearly anywhere in the world with no prior installation skills.

Astral9 was our first launch and our entry into the world of Stellar. We love the project and look forward to supporting it as it continues to gain traction. Stellar was built on the principle of providing low-cost financial services to help the fight against poverty, and we feel Astral9 is in keeping with that spirit.

We'd love to have your project listed here as well, contact us today to get started!

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